Notice: This game requires 2 Xbox controllers.


Alone Together is a co-op first-person puzzle game that places two players in separate rooms where they must solve puzzles to help each other escape.

Our prototype currently only features button based puzzles, but the full game will feature many different objects and mechanics that the players can use to aid their escape.


Designers will be able to work on:

  • Puzzles: Designers will have to design interesting puzzles that will require players to think creatively.
  • Objects: Players will have to use different objects found throughout the game to solve puzzles.
  • Level Design: The layout of each puzzle and the design of the different rooms.
  • Story: Alone Together will feature a narrative that explains why the players are trapped and why they must escape.


Artists will be able to work on:

  • Models and Textures: Artists will need to work on the models and textures for the different objects and rooms found throughout the game.
  • UI Artwork: Art for player and menu UI.
  • Animations.


Programmers will be able to work on:

  • Puzzles: Code for various puzzles in the game will need to be written.
  • Multiplayer and Networking: The prototype is currently split-screen, but the final game will be playable from two computers across the internet.
  • Interactable Objects: Code for different objects that players can interact with.
  • Room & Puzzle Randomizer: The game may potentially feature random levels which will have to be generated through code.


Sound Designers will be able to work on:

  • Music
    • Ambient Music
    • Level Music
  • Sound Effects
    • Ambient Sounds
    • Player Sounds
  • Voice Acting

Contact Information

If you have any questions and/or you're interested in working on the game (Columbia College Chicago students only), you can contact us at:

Install instructions

1. Download the "Alone" file

2. Unzip the "Alone" file

3. Open the "Alone Together" folder

4. Run the "Alone Together.exe" file


Alone 70 MB

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