Many people are fixated on the physical appearance of others when they're looking for a partner which leads to shallow and short-lived relationships.

Your job is to find them their true match so that they can have a happy and healthy relationship.

DISCLAIMER: This game was created as part of a 24-hour game jam and received another 24 hours of work on bug fixes. This is not a game that its main purpose is to be fun. It's a game that tries to get a message across and might be difficult and tiresome to some people. Play at your own risk!


Design: Caleb Flick, Chase Churchill, Anthony Flores, Michail Michail

Programming: Chase Churchill, Caleb Flick, Anthony Flores, Michail Michail

Art: Michail Michail, Anthony Flores

Music: Michail Michail,  Purple Planet (

Install instructions

1. Download the "Together Alone (Executable)" file

2. Unzip the "" file

3. Open the "Together Alone" folder

4. Run the "Together Alone.exe" file


Together Alone (Executable) 17 MB


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What an awesome game!

Oh, wait... people can see my username...?

Never mind then, disregard